House Blessing

Blessing of Your Home or Office

A blessing is the environmental healing and purification of an important place in your life, such as your house, apartment, office, or other place where you may spend time, or an area that is used by a gathering of people. House Blessings are a part of the traditions of many different cultures, as well as in diverse spiritual traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism and the Hindu faith. 

The House Blessing that I perform is a specialized service that uses a loving and compassionate intention as its focus. I also utilize the tremendous power inherent within prayer and mantra -- the ancient and proven sacred science of sound.

The Purpose 

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The purpose of the blessing is to deeply harmonize and revitalize the environment of your home or office. When a blessing is performed correctly, it acts as a type of ‘environmental healing’. Any sources of disharmony are removed, and these are replaced with a wonderful sense of harmony, clarity, and peace; a tangible and refreshing feeling that permeates your home or office. You, your family or business associates may find that this ‘new environment’ can be the springboard to a positive new beginning and to all the possibilities it holds. 

Types of Home Blessings

There are several distinct types of Home Blessings that I perform:

1. Healing and Protection to improve a discordant atmosphere;
Harmonizing and Uplifting for an already positive atmosphere to bring added peace, warmth and inspiration;
Special Occasions such as a new home or office, a new baby or a social gathering.

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1. Healing and Protection 
The first type is to address the atmosphere of your home or office where any negative impressions remain imprinted, becoming an integral part of the environment in which you and your family live or work. This atmosphere can be created by fear, anger, distrust, anxiety, worry, long-term illness, traumas, or other unsettling vibrations which have been brought about by people living in the home, both past and present. This can disturb the harmonious balance of the environment and adversely affect all those who live there. A blessing will also offer a protection from unwanted outside influences.

2. Harmonizing and Uplifting
The second main type is to build upon and improve the atmosphere of a home or office that already has a good vibration to bring even more peaceful, spiritual and harmonious energies into the environment. An example of this is when I was invited to bless the office of a doctor and my intent in this case was one of healing and harmony. I have also been invited to bless homes that people have just moved into. Even if the atmosphere is already good, a blessing can bring a warmer, more peaceful and elevating atmosphere into the home or office. 

3. Special Occasions
There are special occasions into our lives when a House Blessing is appropriate and welcome and I list some of these below:

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New Home: Moving into your new residence, home, apartment or workplace, a blessing can clear old energies, which are always left from the previous owners or tenants. Even a newly-built home that has never been lived in can have discordant energies from the history of land, prior structures, the neighborhood, the builders, the realtors and even from prior political disputes over land use issues, etc.

It is a way to start a new part of your life fresh, with a ‘clean slate’, unencumbered; not affected by the debilitating effects of someone else’s depression, anger, grief or ill health. If you are fortunate, the previous tenants could also leave a loving and harmonizing presence, which can only help to make the blessing resonate even deeper, enhancing the existing positive environment.


New Baby: Creating a welcoming and harmonious environment for the arrival of your new baby or adopted child.

Social Gatherings: Blessing your home prior to a social gathering, the holidays, Housewarming parties, creative ‘think tank’ sessions or other times when the environment needs to be ‘just right’.

Helping to Overcome Setbacks: If you or a member of your family has experienced a period of sadness or negativity, a House Blessing can clear this energy from your living space and help you to move forward in your life.

Selling a Home: Blessing your home at the time you list it for sale or prior to an Open House is a positive move. This will clear and correct energies that may deter a buyer; it will instead resonate an inviting and welcoming energy to the prospective buyer.

Moving Out:  Blessing your home as you move away, is the ideal time to give thanks, clear attachments, find completion and begin anew.

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Blessing your business or workplace: Blessing can be a great solution if you or your business feels ‘stuck’ or ‘in a rut’. These may be times when nothing seems to be happening as it should, or creative solutions are difficult to find. If the atmosphere has become lethargic or toxic due to internal conflict, a blessing can be a part of a positive solution. 

A popular blessing has been those requested by healers; among them M.D.’s, D.O.’s, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists. In these cases the blessing is used to not only to create an overall harmonious office environment, but also serves to empower the healing work performed in the treatment and therapy rooms.

How often should my Home be Blessed? Your home can be blessed as often as it is needed, especially if your work or travel puts you in daily contact with large crowds and/or people who have discordant energies. 

To schedule your home or office Blessing:
The cost depends on the size of the home or business. The minimum charge is $60.00. If you need more information, contact me via email or call 248 250-1831, and I will be more than happy to discuss your needs. 

For payment options, see Services.

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