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"Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Gary is the sense of service which forms the heart of his work. He is, as rock star Dave Davies put it, 'the real deal'". 

Lynne McTaggart
International bestselling author; 'The Field', 'The Intention Experiment' and 'The Bond'.

The Qi Healing System as a comprehensive mind/body energy approach to good health, inner harmony and rejuvenation. It is the result of over thirty five years’ healing experience, including sixteen years as a teacher. It incorporates the eastern energy and Qi healing arts of Medical Qigong Therapy, Distant Medical Qigong Therapy (Distant Healing), Qigong (Chi Kung), as well as the energetics that are a part of the Yogas of India, Tibet and China. All these are brought together as a coherent whole, deeply rooted in my belief in the limitless potential of humanity, and in the limitless power of healing.

Through The Qi Healing System and its therapeutic manifestations, I provide a thorough, time-tested approach to good health, harmony and rejuvenation, which takes place in an environment of trust and openness, where you can feel safe and relaxed. 

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It is because of my practical and well-rounded experience as a healer that I can offer you a treatment program that is appropriate for your individual needs. For more information see About, Healing and Qigong Teachers, Healing Testimonials.

The Qi healing practices of Medical Qigong Therapy, Distant Medical Qigong Therapy (Distant Healing) and Qigong, also has proven to be an excellent support for Western medicine, acupuncture, massage and other therapeutic modalities.

Personal Instruction and Workshops

The educational aspect of the Qi Healing System includes instruction in several styles of Qigong, focusing on various methods specifically for health preservation and restoration, often referred to as Medical Qigong. I also teach other forms that can be used to enhance sports or martial arts performance, (Martial Qigong) as well as those that are considered to enhance spiritual and intuitive perceptions, referred to as Shengong or the development of spirit skills. I teach comprehensive healing workshops on Medical Qigong Therapy, Distant Medical Qigong Therapy, and on proven methods of How to Enhance Your Healing Abilities.

Other workshops and classes include: The Energy of Yogic Prayer; Mantra Yoga – The Sacred Science of Sound; Kundalini Pranayama - the Breath of Enlightenment; a Course of Spiritual and Personal Development, as well as other subjects to assist the healer and spiritual seeker.

In development is a comprehensive course on Medical Qigong Therapy, as well as other educational media. See Audio for some additional information on parts of the Qi Healing System.

Blessing of Your Home or Office

Using a loving and compassionate intention as its focus, and the same spiritual and energetic principles that are a part of the Qi Healing System, I also offer a blessing of your home or office. A blessing is the environmental healing and purification of an important place in your life, such as your house, apartment, office, and other places where you may spend time, or a place that is used by a gathering of people.

The purpose of the blessing is to deeply harmonize and revitalize the environment of your home or office. It acts as a type of ‘environmental healing’, removing any sources of disharmony, and replacing these with a wonderful sense of harmony, clarity, and peace; creating a tangible and refreshing feeling that permeates your environment. For more information, see House Blessings

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